Trails and Routes

The entire route is available between July 1 – Mid October due to snow fall at higher elevations.
Using a support vehicle that can adequately handle your groups’ bicycles and any additional gear is highly recommended – especially with larger groups. eBikes are permitted. However, eBikes must follow the eBike route and are not allowed on the singletrack on days 1,3, and 5. 
Disclaimer:  While we do our best to provide the best possible routes and options between each of our huts, we do not guarantee a specific bicycling experience. Your physical ability will determine the sights you see and which routes you take between huts. Your skill level, the functionality of your equipment, and the weather must all be taken into consideration. Changes in the weather, such a rain and snowfall can also make trails unrideable. Government intervention as well as unforeseen circumstances may affect which landmarks and sights are available to you during your visit. The Aquarius Trail Hut System only guarantees lodging and does not take any experiential responsibility outside of the hut and associated property. 

Day 1 Itinerary & Trails

Ride from Brian Head to Hatch
Stay at the Hatch Hut
Season: Hut is accessible May 1 – End of October. If you plan to do the entire route from the peak of Brian Head, you have to book your trip July 1 – Mid Oct due to snow levels at the start of the route.
Mountain Bike: 36 miles
Electric Mountain Bike: 35.5 miles

Unless you rent bikes from us, you start this trip on your own and we will meet you in the afternoon at the first hut. Your adventure begins at Brian Head Peak (11,307), where you descend the exciting Bunker Creek Singletrack. Mountain Bike Action Magazine rated this Singletrack as one of the top ten best trails in America! It descends 2,885 feet over 12 miles to Panguitch Lake where we catch an exciting and fun 15-mile route through ponderosa and juniper forests—dappled with ancient lava beds and rolling meadows—to the Hatch Hut in Hatch, Utah.

Photo Credit – The Radavist

Day 2 Itinerary & Trails

Ride from Hatch to Red Canyon
Stay at the Butch Cassidy Hut
Season: Hut is accessible May 1 – End of October
Mountain Bike: 28.3 miles
Evening Add on Ride: 13 miles
Electric Mountain Bike: 28.3 miles

Energize with a hearty breakfast for this morning’s invigorating eight-mile, 2,500-foot climb through Proctor Canyon to the top of Sunset Cliffs! Sunset Cliffs is the mountain border for the Bryce Canyon Valley. After viewing the stunning scenery, you descend eight miles to Tropic Reservoir, and take a plunge in the crisp (yet refreshing) waters. Cruise a 19-mile section of the Great Western Trail to Red Canyon. Once you get to the hut take a little time for hiking or opt for the Cassidy Loop in Red Canyon. Enjoy sunset over beautiful Red Canyon.

Photo Credit – The Radavist

Day 3 Itinerary & Trails

Ride from Red Canyon to Pine Lake
Stay at the Pine Lake Hut
Hut is accessible June 1 – Mid October
Mountain Bike: 42.7 miles
Electric Mountain Bike: 23 miles

Get ready for some of the best single-track in Utah–Red Canyon. From the hut, ride down Thunder Mountain Trail through the beautiful hoodoos of Red Canyon. From here cross Highway 12 and ride up to the Casto Canyon trailhead, passing many amazing views of Slate Mountain and Powell Point. Casto Canyon, crosses a small creek bed up to 44 times before eventually meeting up with jeep roads that cross the high planes of Bryce Canyon country to Pine Lake Hut. Pine Lake is a nice relaxing lake where you can fish or swim and cool off for the evening.

Photo Credit – The Radavist

Day 4 Itinerary & Trails

Ride from Pine Lake to Clayton Springs
Stay at the Aquarius Hut
Season: Hut is accessible July 1 – Mid October
Mountain Bike:
27.5 miles
Optional Ride to Powell Point: 9.1 miles
Optional Ride to Barker Reservoir: 9.7 miles
Electric Mountain Bike: 27.5 miles

Today you will climb to the top of the Aquarius Trails namesake – the Aquarius Plateau! Get ready for the BIG climb -2,200 feet over 10 miles to the top of Barney Top 10, 577 feet. On your way to the top, don’t forget to ride out to Powell Point (an optional 8-mile out and back ride to a vista overlooking southern Utah). Once back on route, continue onto Barney Top and across spectacular high meadows to the Aquarius Hut at Clayton Springs. If you are still thriving for another ride, opt to ride down to Barker Reservoir and back. The ride drops 500 feet to the reservoir so don’t forget you have a climb back to the hut!

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Day 5 Itinerary & Trails

Ride from Clayton Springs to Hell’s Backbone
Stay at the Hell’s Backbone Hut
Season: Hut is accessible July 1 – Mid October
Mountain Bike: 29.8 miles
Electric Mountain Bike: 30.7 miles

There are two different ride options from the Aquarius Hut to the midpoint at Posey Lake. Take the non-technical ride on Hell’s Backbone Road or choose the backcountry singletrack ride on the Great Western Trail. Each is very different. The dirt road option is across big open meadows with antelope roaming freely while riding along the mountain singletrack, you will be challenged to technical riding and more climbing (climb 2,500 feet and descend 3,300 feet over the first 15 miles). Choose to stop at Posy Lake where, time permitting, you might have the opportunity to do some hiking around the lake. (If you are on a 5 day 4 night hut adventure, this is where you leave the Aquarius Trail and drop down the short route back to Escalante). From here choose dirt road or then ride cowpuncher 5 mile singletrack to Cowpuncher Guard Station and Blue Spruce Campground. From here both options collide into the ride up to Hell’s Backbone Bridge and across Box Death Hollow Wilderness and then finally descending to Hell’s Backbone Hut at Sand Creek.

This is a BIG Day if you ride all the singletrack.

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Day 6 Itinerary & Trails

Ride from Hell’s Backbone to Escalante
Mountain Bike: 35.7 miles
Electric Mountain Bike: 35.7 miles

Passing through various vegetation zones, today’s ride borders the Box Death Hollow Wilderness. Continue riding along Hell’s Backbone Road until you reach Scenic Highway 12. From here it is a beautiful ride along the Hogback back to Escalante. Along the way, stop at Calf Creek and cool off in the crystal clear waters. Optional 3 mile hike to Calf Creek Falls is a great side trip as well. This 128 foot waterfall is nothing shy of amazing! One big climb on the road after Calf Creek is followed by a gradual descent to Escalante to conclude your 190 mile adventure!

Pricing and Availability

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