Hut Etiquette

Simple Suggestions for a Happy Stay!

  • Leave the huts better than you found them; this means, please do not leave anything behind or take anything that does not belong to you, including maps, cookbooks, etc.
  • Remember you’re living communally; use only what you need and share common spaces (i.e. Kitchen, bathroom, patios, decks, etc.)
  • Respect others people’s personal belongings and personal space requirements
  • Keep device use on the D/L!
  • Be aware of your noise pollution and agree to follow set quiet times agreed upon by everyone at the hut
  • Please do not attempt to accommodate folks who have not made previous arrangements to stay at the huts. On-site booking is NOT available. If there are extra bed spots available, they MIGHT be able to be filled but they must call to reserve and pay for the space. If you do allow extra persons to join you without payment and approval you may be approached by our staff, you might be removed from the huts system and not allowed to return. You will also be charged for the additional persons.
  • We do not accept “walk-ins” so please do not permit walk-in campers to reside in the huts unless weather/adverse circumstances exist.
  • You may not skip huts or stay extra nights if not already agreed to and paid for in advance
  • Respect the huts; make cleanliness an utmost priority
  • Be considerate to all kinds of trail-based travelers. This includes knowing right-of-way etiquette
    a) Always yield. Hikers and Equestrians have the right of way.
    b) When approaching from the rear, slow down and announce your presence. Pass slowly and safely.
  • Above all else; Promise to pack Common Sense!