Announcing the Aquarius Trail Hut System


“Providing a Utah backcountry experience with a hint of luxury”

Escalante, Utah.  September 21, 2016 – The Aquarius trail and hut system will provide true backcountry experience with a hint of luxury for those thru-biking the 175-mile multi-purpose trail. It will also serve the region via sustainable economic and tourism development as well as conservation education and heritage preservation in a region celebrated for its unique history, geologic and geographic diversity.

The Aquarius Trail and Hut to Hut System designates and signs 175 miles of forested double-track and existing singletrack trails from the peak of Brian Head down to the town of Escalante. The trail twists and turns through some of Utah’s most beautiful country including Hells Backbone, Red Canyon, and Powell Point. Four huts will be situated along the route, locations are still being determined and cannot be announced until proper NEPA has been completed at each of the proposed sites. The huts are sourced from recycled shipping containers that have been retrofitted to sleep 12 people per unit. They are built locally by Rhino Cubed and designed to have a minimal environmental impact. Beyond transporting them into their designated hut locations they don’t require any new environmental disturbance.

The huts will operate as a through hike/bike accommodation system. The first hut will be delivered to Escalante by early Spring 2017 and placed in its respective location upon the snow melting. The remainder of the huts will be built throughout the Spring and Summer season and should be delivered and located before the Fall. We anticipate being able to take reservations and bookings of the hut system by September of 2017.

The Aquarius Trail and Hut system offers a unique accommodation for those interested primarily in multi-day adventures on thru-trails. If you are interested in riding from point to point and experiencing a part of Utah unknown to most, we encourage you to visit our website, and contact us to receive more information. We also recommend that you follow our social networks and sign up to receive our newsletter to get the latest updates on the projects development.

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