Single Rider – Looking to Join Group in September

Philip Schwartz

Hi All:

Originally, I was looking to create a group of individual riders (a sort of Island of Misfits), but timing didn’t work out
since it was end of August.

I am a single rider looking to join a group in September. Long time MB rider (just turned 50) and can still get it done 🙂
I did the San Juan Huts last year and wanted an upgrade. You won’t even know I am there… well, if I snore throw a shoe
at me and I’ll shut up. ha!

Let me know if you have a crew looking for additional riders.

Thanks a ton.



3 thoughts on “Single Rider – Looking to Join Group in September”

  1. We are three looking for more to fill a hut- dates are flexible to last week of August through September.

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