September 2023 – Single Rider Looking to create a group

Philip Schwartz

Hi All…

Looking to create a group of riders for September of 2023.

I did the San Juan Hut System in August of 2022 and wanted to try something different. This trail system seems to have more single track
mountain biking, which is great. Plus, power in the huts is very appealing. Been biking for over 20+ years and looking to just have a
great experience with a cool crew of riders. I have buddies I have biking with forever, but they are no longer in long distance biking shape. HA!

Please let me know if you are interested.



7 thoughts on “September 2023 – Single Rider Looking to create a group”

  1. Hello Philip,
    I have a group of 3 that are looking to get signed up soon. Did notice that the Sept calendar was filled though last i looked? We really don’t care if we go in July or Sept though. I also did the San Juan Durango-Moab trip a few years ago and figured we would check this one out. Running water and cold beer, win win!

    I will check back with you this week if interested. I was trying to get more folks committed, but unfortunately its like herding cats.

  2. Hi Cory,

    Man, you are telling me. I had buddies last year who were “in”… then “out”…. herding cats indeed.

    Looks like you can start on Sept. 1st or Sept. 30th. July is either super hot or really rainy in Utah, which is why I was pushing more towards September.

    But totally agree… power, running water, cold beer and not “boxed” food is high I my list.

    Keep me posted. Trying to get some more guys as well, but nobody wanted to commit…

  3. Philip,
    Good deal. I am going to meet up with the core crew that i know are ready to go this weekend and hopefully convince one or two more that they really need to do this ride… Will send you a message early next week with some contact information and a group size.


  4. Sounds like a plan. I have a buddy or two I am hawking down, but can’t pin them down.

    Keep me posted.

  5. Philip,

    I have booked the August 28 start date. It was the best date for all of us to get this thing firmed up. There are 4 of us going for sure and waiting for a possible 5th to confirm this week. All are 40-50 something and everyone is a solid rider. Let me know if this is good or not for you.


  6. Hi Cory,

    Hope all is well.

    Unfortunately August is unavailable for me, which is why I tried September. Too mad… right in that age range and can still get it done πŸ™‚

    Have fun. Maybe next time. It’s too bad they don’t accept single rider reservations.


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