Looking for riders September 13th-18th

Fred Benz

We have both cabins reserved during this period. However, due to an unfortunate sequence of events over the past few weeks, our riding group has been reduced to the point where we have space for as many as 4-6 additional riders.

The group that is confirmed going is made up of 5 very friendly ‘old white males’ and one very game ‘old white female’. Five of us are on ‘acoustic’ bikes and one is on electric assist.

Our plan is to spend the night before our 9/13 departure in Escalante and take the 8:00 shuttle to Brian Head and then to spend the night of 9/18 upon completion in Escalante. I/we have secured hotel accommodations for upto 12 and shuttle reservations for upto 12… point being that you can assume that all necessary ancillary reservations have been made.



4 thoughts on “Looking for riders September 13th-18th”

  1. Hi Fred! My name is Anna Sparks and I’m super interested in the possibility of joining you on the Aquarius trail. I’ve done the San Juan hut ride from Telluride to Moab and loved it. I’m 41 and a pretty decent rider. I have been looking into Aquarius but couldn’t get a full group to commit for this year. Wanna chat sometime? 480-296-3621…feel free to text if that is easier to find a time for a phone chat. Looking forward to connecting.
    Anna 🙂

    • Anna… let’s definitely find a time to talk. I’ll try texting/giving you a call tomorrow.

      (Interesting, the crew I’m riding with did the Durango to Moab San Juan huts ride a couple of years back. GREAT ride!!)

  2. Hi! Catherine here, my husband Kent and I could be interested in joining your group. We fit the “older” demographic but (but? And!) are experienced mountain bikers and bike tourers. Would love to connect to discuss with you further. My telephone is 978-729-3070.

  3. Hi Im a Boulder UT resident and my husband and I would love to come along, were both OLD I’m 66 and he is north of that, We regularly do 40 – 50 miler rides and are on Specialized E Bikers. 970-948-5640 give a call.

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