2023 single rider

Bob Bennett

Looking to join a group. 😃


3 thoughts on “2023 single rider”

  1. I am looking to join a group as well, I am a beginner rider and looking to go with someone who has some more experience.

  2. I am looking into the last week of June 2023. I have to be off the trail that Fri june 30, 2023. My start date is flexible (not sure when a hut rental period starts – Saturday? Dependent on demand? I will probably be looking to book airfare no later than March 1 2023 so I would like to put this together by then!

  3. Hi Bob, We have a date available for smaller groups at the end of June, it would be a 4 day/ 3 night trip. If you are interested give our office a call.

    702-596-2953 Option 1

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